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A Multi-Media Sweetheart with Personality to Share!


Meaningful Media.  Purposeful Reporting. Live Life On Purpose Today.

Meet Wife, Mother, Megawatt Media Personality, Producer, On-Camera Entertainment Host, Kawanzaa King.

She got her first taste of production, after hosting her own talk show during her senior year at Blair Academy. Voted "Most likely to be the next Oprah" by her classmates, Kawanzaa always maintained her dream of excelling in media.

After receiving a BA in Business Management from Goucher College, Kawanzaa began a rewarding career as Sales Executive where she reveled in her true gift of connecting with people. This gift would later propel her to create a  media platform to tell stories that inform and inspire!


Kawanzaa enjoys capturing the human story of purpose and passion on her vlog called, "Live Life On Purpose Today!"  She produces and hosts an interview format vlog profiling people of interest. Kawanzaa also flexes her creative muscle as the Creative Media Director for The SheHue Network - a network for multicultural women. 


Kawanzaa King is known for her infectious personality and warm smile. She is sought after as a producer, director, special correspondent, news anchor and on-camera host. 


For more information or to book Kawanzaa send requests to


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