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Live Life On Purpose Today!


"Engaging people comes naturally for me. I enjoy capturing stories about people who live what they love, and do it on purpose!"

Kawanzaa King talks to Todd "The Donutologist" Jones - the CEO and Founder of Cuzin's Duzin. Todd shares his sweet journey of 40 years in the donut business, and how he has come this far by faith!

Networking can produce solid business connections, and if you're fortunate, great friendships too. Kawanzaa King reconnects with Mary Repke, Founder and CEO of Coakley Business Class. The two met in 2007 at a networking event for women, and Kawanzaa says, "Mary's  story never disappoints!"

Kawanzaa King chats with author Natasha Scott (Class of 2011 UPenn) about "The College Admissions Bible" and the importance of moving on your ideas!

Kawanzaa King talks to North Philly native, and owner of Duafe Holistic Hair Care, Syreeta Scott. Hear the story of how an impromptu trip abroad, a 401K plan, and sweat equity started Ms. Scott on a journey to Live Life On Purpose.

Do you live what you love? I chat with two sisters who live that they love- cupcake style!

Gigi's Cupcakes - Live Life On Purpose Today!

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